Delta Squadron - Who are we and what are our rules?

We are independent private traders, explorers mercenaries - guns for hire and bounty hunters.
We do not pirate or attack innocent CMDRs, we protect the defenseless and release wrath on wanted criminals of all types.

As a team we are not affiliated or aligned with any of the factions, however individuals in our group are free to chose their affiliation or allegiance as long as it is not conflicting Delta Squadron.

Our organisation is based on vote of majority or consensus whenever possible, no hierarchy and all members are equal.

In order to become and stay a member a pilot must meet the following conditions:

1 - Be clean and not reported by any other CMDR for crimes against CMDRs (bounty hunting and self defense does not count as crime) any illegal murder and piracy of innocent CMDRs is considered the worst offense and will be sanctioned immediately. Hacking or cheating is also strictly forbidden and any member reported doing that will be immediately banned.

2 - Join our Discord Server:

3 - Fill out the recruitment application form =